Fourth-grade survivor of Uvalde massacre suffers ‘cardiac arrest’ after visiting her best friend’s memorial to drop off a teddy bear, and has to be rushed to hospital

Illiana Trevio, 11, was admitted to the hospital last week when her heart rate skyrocketed while she was delivering flowers and a teddy bear to her best friend.
Amerie Jo Garza, ten years old, was one of the 19 children killed at Robb Elementary School.
Illiana would be protected from bullies at school by the third grader.

Illiana Treviño, 11, was hospitalized last week after visiting her the memorial of her best friend, Amerie Jo Garza, 10, who was among the 19 children gunned down in the Uvalde massacre that also killed two teachers

Illiana now has post-traumatic stress disorder and is afraid to return to school on her own. ‘I think it’s just a broken heart that we need to work on healing,’ her mother said. Amerie was murdered on May 24 while calling 911 for help for her classmates.

Illana is currently suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and acute stress from the trauma she experienced. Her mother fears that she will reenter a phase of cardiac arrest in the near future and that ‘the medication that she’s been given is not working’

‘All I want everyone to know is that she died trying to save her friends,’ said stepfather Angel. ‘All she wanted to do was save everyone.’
While attending her closest friend’s monument, a fourth-grade survivor of the mass school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which murdered two teachers and 19 students, nearly died of heart arrest.

Last week, Illiana Trevio, 11, was taken to the hospital after her heart rate skyrocketed after dropping off a teddy bear and flowers at 10-year-old Amerie Jo Garza’s monument in the hopes of preventing her from being tormented.

Amerie Joe Garza (pictured), who was in third grade, protected Illiana, a fourth grader, from school bullies

‘Amerie would constantly come to Illiana’s assistance and protect her from bullies,’ the small girl’s mother, Jessica Trevio, said on a GoFundMe campaign to seek money for medical bills. She wrote, ‘Her heart can’t bear the stress and agony of the past week.’

‘We are barely seeing the ripple affects of what this horrible tragedy has brought to our community,’ her mother said in the campaign, adding that Illiana was sent to Children’s Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, which is about an hour and a half away from Uvalde.

People pay their respects and leave tributes outside of Robb Elementary School for the victims of the shooting 

As of Thursday, Illiana was still in the hospital. According to People, her mother stated that the 11-year-old had never had any heart problems prior to the incident.

Jessica Trevio, 40, told People, ‘I think it’s ijust from a wounded heart that we need to focus on healing.’ ‘Everything just broke her in half,’ she continued to the magazine, ‘and she feels the terror of being bullied again.’

On Illiana’s Go Fund Me website, the mother also revealed that ‘the medication that she’s been given isn’t working,’ and that physicians’ primary concern is that the tragedy may repeat itself. They’re also informing Illiana’s family that she’s suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and acute stress as a result of the trauma she’s been through.

Illana, second from left, is seen with her family. Her mother, Jessica, says her daughter is scared to go back to school on her own after Garza’s passing

‘Her body was on the verge of collapsing.’ Jessica responds, ‘It couldn’t handle it.’ ‘Her body was essentially reacting to the shock,’ says the author.

Illiana was unharmed in the Robb Elementary shooting on May 24 because the assailant did not target her classroom. According to the victim’s grandmother, Berlinda Arreola, Amerie was shot dead when she attempted to call 911 from her cell phone.

Illiana learned of Amerie’s death after seeing her closest friend’s face on the television, where she was identified as one of the 21 victims, 19 of whom were kids.

The broken-hearted girl’s mother told People, ‘She just started screaming and wailing.’ “I’m sorry, sweetie,” I told her. “There are some uglinesses in the universe.”

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