Get rock-hard abs like Kate Middleton with her shockingly easy method

It’s clear that the Duchess of Cambridge is in incredible form despite having three kids.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, her children, haven’t stopped the mother and royal family member from getting back into top physical shape—and without a personal trainer, either!


One report claims that Kate Middleton’s diet and exercise routine are quite simple.

Running seems to be her go-to exercise activity! When she can, Kate also tries to lift weights in the convenience of her home.

The duchess regularly goes for jogs at Anmer Hall in Norfolk, the family’s country residence. What else does this famous person do to maintain her fitness, though?


Her tummy muscles become more tense, a source informed The Daily Mail. There are three movements: the basic plank, the side plank, and the prone sky dive. Kate can hold each one for at least 45 seconds and perform each one at least ten times.

According to a source, Kate is a “exercise fanatic,” and her family influences her focus and enjoyment of exercise. Regarding her mother and sister, the source stated:

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“Pippa and Kate take great pride in maintaining their well-toned bodies. Mother Carole, who is in her 60s, is also in excellent health.

The Duchess of Cambridge has maintained her youthful appearance by sporting a more relaxed hairdo that accentuates her bone structure.

During Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee celebrations, she had her hair pulled back in a ponytail. A hair and cosmetics professional named Amy Bates claims that wearing your hair up can “knock years off you.”

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It lengthens the neck, giving one a more youthful appearance. It highlights Kate’s impeccable posture, she told The Sun.

Kate enjoys starting each day with a breakfast of “berries and porridge” when it comes to cuisine.

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She makes an effort to prepare the majority of the family’s meals and occasionally follows the Dukan Diet, a French eating regimen that emphasises consuming a lot of protein and gradually introducing vegetables and other carbs.

She wears it well, which is amazing considering how busy she is. She takes the time to focus on her health.

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