In an effort to “remodel” the monarchy, Camilla plans to sever one of the oldest royal customs

Following the period of mourning for Queen Elizabeth, Camilla, the Queen Consort, and King Charles have resumed their royal responsibilities.

They participate in their first joint public appearances on Monday since the completion of the time of mourning, ushering in a new era for the royal family. Nevertheless, the Queen Consort also seems poised to buck one of the Royal Family’s oldest customs.

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The Queen and Camilla had a wonderful relationship, but it also had many ups and downs throughout the years. The long-reigning monarch didn’t like it at all when she and Charles had an affair with the now-King who was still married to Diana.

However, it appears that the two were already extremely close before Camilla and Charles’ relationship began. According to reports, Queen Elizabeth gave Camilla and her ex-husband Andrew Parker Bowles one of the most thoughtful gifts she could think of.


Following the demise of Queen Elizabeth, Camilla Parker Bowles is now the monarch in coronation. The responsibilities she and her husband, King Charles, have been preparing for since, well… quite a time ago

The royal traditions will endure notwithstanding the passing of the Queen. The family members must follow various rules and norms, but perhaps even more significant are the traditions.

Camilla is slated to buck one of the oldest royal customs, so it appears that she won’t be adhering to all of them.

“Ladies-in-waiting” were employed by Queen Elizabeth. They were in charge of planning the schedule and assisting the king with personal letters. They also accompanied the Queen during her regular public engagements and, among other things, assisted in collecting flowers that members of the public wanted to present to the monarch.

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The oldest post in the royal household, ladies-in-waiting, does not appear to have been chosen by Camilla.

According to a source who spoke to Daily Mail, the Queen Consort wants to “remodel” the monarchy rather than keeping her longtime personal secretaries as ladies-in-waiting.

“She hired Amanda Macmanus and Joy Camm, two bright private secretaries, when she got married and opened her first office. However, the insider emphasised that they were definitely “two for the price of one.”


“The Queen Consort will take a slightly different approach. Currently, she has two private secretaries who do some of those customary tasks. Additionally, she is surrounded by a large number of trustworthy people who she can rely on for assistance when she needs it. She might even branch out geographically from her close group of buddies, in my opinion.

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