Girl with eye catching fuzzy locs finally accepts her condition

Shilah Madison Calvert-Yin is one of the few kids who were born unique and caused a lot of attention.

Every child is beautiful and special no matter what form they come in. 

Shilah was born with a rare condition that made her have fuzzy hairs. It took long before she got to understand who, but at the end she finally accepted her condition.

At a young age she was often teased because of her head and many nicknamed her the “fluffhead.”

She managed to move past all she has gone through and looking at the happy 12 year old, you can’t help but appreciate her for being strong and accepting who she is.

Shilah was born at the age of 36 weeks, her mother Celeste, had a normal birth like every other person and the family was happy to welcome her.

Celeste told Love What Matters,  ”She was picture perfect, blonde hair, blue eyes, so cliché.”

She was born with a born hair, but her parents got to change it to brown locks.

Her parents noticed their baby wasn’t like everyone else she was indeed special. At the age of three to six months old they found out that shilah’s hair was growing straight up instead of down, it was also very soft and fragile.

Celeste told Daily Mail, ”It didn’t seem to calm or settle, but I didn’t really think anything of it until people started to make comments.”

Shilah’s hair always brought attention to her each time she went out with her parents and passerby’s often asked them, what’s wrong with her hair?” Strangers also took the liberty to touch Shilah’s hair.

Talking about how it felt, Celeste said, “It was hurtful and sometimes quite rude, but I’m sure they were just being ignorant and insensitive.”

She told Love What Matters, “Then there were the people who were complete strangers that would peer into her stroller, stare at her and make comments about her everywhere we went. ‘Looks like she stuck her finger in the power socket,’ was a frequent comment.”

Shilah managed to remain postive no matter what she went through and only got to know what was wrong with her after a doctor educated them about the Uncombeable Hair Syndrome.

“The doctor explained that UHS was caused by a gene mutation and it involves silvery blonde or straw-colored hair that stands up from the scalp and can’t be combed flat.”

Shilah doesn’t look bad on her locs at all and has managed to live a positive and happy life.

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