Here is all you need to know about Felicity Kendal

Felicity Kendal has always been a talented and sexy actress and in 1947 won the sexiest woman on British TV.

At the peak of her career, she had all her life figured out, but the 75-year-old doesn’t seem to have the perfect life as she has been surrounded by heartbreaks, diseases, stalkers, amidst others.

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Kendall was born in September 1946. It wasn’t surprising that she is so good at acting as her father was an actor and a manager while her sister was an actress.

The family didn’t settle down in a place for so long, they were always traveling.

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”When we weren’t performing we were traveling: long, tiring journeys the length and breadth of India on trains and buses, on which the routine never varied,” Felicity said in 2012.

During their stay in India, Kendall contacted Typhoid and according to her, that was the nearest death experience she ever had.

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At nine months old, Felicity made her stage debut, got into stardom at the age of 29.

Kendall’s love life is one of a kind as she has been married twice and they all went down the drain. She was far from the doting housewife character she portrayed in The Good Life.

British actors Penelope Keith, Richard Briers (1934 – 2013), Paul Eddington (1927 – 1995), and Felicity Kendal, in the BBC sitcom ‘The Good Life’, 2nd September 1977. 

”It was hard doing The Good Life while my first marriage was disintegrating. The show was the very opposite of what was going on in my home life,” Felicity confessed.

Speaking about her relationship with her sister before her tragic end, ”My sister Jennifer’s love for me was always maternal. There was a 13-year age gap, so sibling rivalry didn’t exist.”

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At the age of 51, Jennifer was diagnosed with Colon cancer and died in 1984.

Felicity said in 2009, “These days, we are so much more open about serious illness and death. Back then it was ­almost seen as an embarrassment. I was with Jennifer when she was diagnosed and told her cancer was likely to be fatal. The doctor couldn’t even meet her eyes.”

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Felicity Kendal is 75 years today and she’s still strong as ever and has no plans of leaving the show business anytime soon.

She has managed to keep fit and maintain her appearance.

“I work out three times a week, a mixture of stretching, yoga, and weights. I’ve also mastered press-ups. I’m so pleased. Now, if I could only stand on my head,” she said in an Interview with Lady Magazine.


“There was a time when you’d think, I’m over 60, I can not possibly wear a short skirt again because of my crinkly knees.

“Then you come out the other end and say, f *** it, I’ve got good legs, I’m going to put on tights and a short skirt.”

She looks like she’s aging backward. What do you think?

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