Three sisters all over the age of 100 share their secret for long and healthy life

What if you were not the oldest person in your family when you turned 100? During her 100th birthday party, Frances Kompus blew out all the candles. She was still the youngest member of the family. Sisters Julia Kopriva and Lucy Pochop were there to see her big day. They were 104 years old.


They are the ones who are in the spotlight.
Interview: KSN TV did a show with these women to talk about the important event and the special bond they have with each other. “Always, I did what they did.” Kompus said she was the youngest.


They have always been close to each other.
In Beardsley, Kansas, they grew up together on a farm, and they were always there for each other.

Kompus told KSN TV about how she had to run to keep up with her sisters as they walked two miles to school each day. Reminiscing: They talked about how they stopped at a creek to catch frogs and put them in their pocket. In their childhood, they had a lot of fun and also a lot of work to do.


Farm life wasn’t all bad.

In addition to their farm chores, the sisters recalled having geese to play with and roosters as pets. Their mother would serve food from scratch and butcher their own hogs. “Well, we didn’t ever eat fancy, but we ate good food,” Kompus told KSN TV.


“I get to be in charge.”

She told KSN TV that she was happy to have her sister around as they grew up, but as the oldest, she is in charge. As they got older, they talked about how they always got along. When they had families, they would lean on each other for help. This is how it worked:

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