Hollywood beauty Jenifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful female actress loved by people all around the world.
She was born in 1969 in Sharman oaks, Los Angeles, and then as a child, she moved to New York where she attended Waldorf school.

Jennifer faced many challenges in her life as it is quite difficult for a public figure to have a private life.
However, before becoming an actress, also she faced many hard situations.

She had many jobs like waiter, telemarketer, and bike messenger. She also lived far from her home. Even she faced problems in her school life as her teachers treated her in a way to kick her out.

She played role in many shows but was unsuccessful. After several years she got the role of “Rachel Green” in a series “friend”.

She thought it would be also unsuccessful like the others but fortunately, the series got hit and Rachel Green was recognized as one of the greatest female roles and she became a high-paid actress.

Later on, she revealed her relations with Brad Pit and became even better known. They met in 1998 and married in 2000. But unfortunately, they got divorced in 2005. That was very hard for both of them but both she and Brad said they are grateful for each other.

Jennifer mostly shows us her natural look. she posts mostly her photos without makeup on Instagram. That’s why her fans appreciate her a lot.

Jennifer is a very beautiful actress in her natural look. She went through many harsh conditions in her life. however, we hope to see her in many other movies.

Jenifer got married twice but didn’t have any children yet. She was so attached to her dog Norman that after his death she made two Tattoos on her body as a tribute to him. Recently she is suffering from physical and mental health issues due to aging

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