Weight loss story of Amber Rachdi:

Amber Rachdi got famous for her best performance in My 600–lb Life. She weighed 660 pounds at that time and her career and life both were in danger because of her weight. Amber has lost hundreds of pounds after five years. And she can’t even be recognized now.

Maintaining a healthy diet is always a hard thing to do. Ans it’s also expensive to maintain a healthy diet. Eating fast food once a month or week is good for body pleasure. But daily intake of fast food and junk food can be extremely dangerous for health.

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The best option is to work out which will provide relaxation to your mental and physical health. Many of the celebrities can be the inspiration for us who maintain a good and healthy diet but Amber Rachdi, for me is the most special one of them all.
Today after 5 years she looks amazing. Amber Rachdi was born in 1990 on 22 June in Portland. She struggled a lot with her weight. When she was five her weight was round about 160 pounds.

She suffered from an undiagnosed anxiety disorder in her teenage. She increased the intake of food and candies to overcome her level of anxiety. And when she reached 16 she has to use a wheelchair.
All the girls at 20 meet up friends and have parties but for Amber, it had become completely impossible. She could not even take a bath or go down on stairs.

Who is getting hella married? I'm getting hella married.

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Her parents used to make her delicious meals. Her mother said that eating food calms her down. Amber said have a lot of anxiety and I am at peace when I eat,”
Then she was not left with any other option and went for a healthy diet plan. She also did surgery to lose her weight and after that maintained a healthy diet .

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