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I can forgive many times, but I can only trust once

Trust is like a balloon; it can only be pricked once and it bursts.

I have been through a lot that I decided that giving people a chance to hurt me will be the last thing I could do.

It all started when I was growing up; I was naive and was in love. My world revolved around him, that I knew he will propose soon.

We were happy, and many people knew about us, even our parents. I was the one holding back the marriage as I am yet to complete my youth service.

He was my first love, and I never regretted for once letting him into my life.

One of the days I spent in the camp, I decided to pay him a surprise visit as his house wasn’t that far from there.

On getting there, I knocked and it took him minutes to open the door. I came inside and perceived a foul smell. I didn’t waste time in pointing out my observations, but he already has reasons to counter my point.

I didn’t doubt him because I trusted him, and he can’t do what my mind was telling me. Few months after our wedding; he mistakenly left his phone at home and I went through his messages.

I saw a lot of ugly things, but that was before our wedding. I knew better than anyone that he was cheating during our courtship, at the point I knew things will never be the same again.

I confronted him, he apologized and each day he works towards cleaning the mess he created and earning back my trust.

I forgave him, but I will never trust him again.

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