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You reap what you sow

You can never win playing dirty; karma is real.

You reap what you sow; what goes around comes around.         

I never understood why my parents always wanted me to grow through the right path until I got older.

I will always appreciate my parents for raising me through the right path; I don’t need to be scared of their wrongdoings meeting up with me.

Always bear in mind that one will always reap what they sow; as you make your bed so shall you lie on it.

Many times, I watched people do awful things to others, won’t remember that what goes around comes around.

When I look at many broken homes, it isn’t always their fault; it is from the deeds of their parents or even grandparents.

You can’t be someone who goes around shattering people’s homes, making people suffer from heartbreaks, and expect a peaceful home when you finally want to settle down.

It doesn’t work that way, you will reap what you did to others in a thousand folds.

Karma is real, and never misses its target. Be mindful of your actions, because whatever you do today will affect the future.

Be kind to others so that you won’t be treated otherwise. Whatever you do today, have a great impact and how your future will look like.

Treat people how you want them to treat you, show love like you want to be loved; whatever you do to someone will always come back to you.

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