As you get older, you get wiser

Many times, my parents used this quote ‘’ you can never see what my eyes have seen even if you should climb the highest mountain’’.

I understand it all now; most times we are often blinded by youth exuberance that we find it hard to differentiate between wrong and right.

Growing up, at some parts of my life, I felt my parents hated me, and doesn’t want me to enjoy my youthful days as they have done, now I know better.

My parents always advised me from keeping some people as friends; they always made sure I was indoors before seven pm.

I was on the verge of losing it all and always thought my parents were the worse.

When I look at the people they stopped me from keeping as friends, I can’t stop thanking God for making them my parents.

Some of the friends they advised me against are either drug addicts or more. I never knew how lucky I’m until the police raided the street in the evening and caught them in their bunkers, somewhere I do spend time with them in the evening.

As you grow older, you start looking at life from a different perspective. A perspective that makes you see how the real world is, and costly mistakes you could have made if you kept following paths older people asked you not to follow.

As you get older, you get wiser. Always listen to older people, they were once in your issues and know better.

Your peers shouldn’t be your advisers; they are the same with you, still trying to attach meaning to life, and find their feet. Listen to older people.

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