Parents these days can’t control their kids in public

Parents these days can’t control their kids in public. All my mom had to do is look at me a certain way, and I would get my shit together.

When I look back at how things were when I was growing up, I never imagined things getting like this.

I never had a phone until I entered college, but now I can see high- school students, even pupils all roaming around with phones bought by their parents.

I am not being judgemental or trying to mock others upbringing, but it is obvious that most present generation parents aren’t bringing up their children in the best way.

Many people are embracing the western way, forgetting that what works for them might not work for us.

I have seen kids I am way older than going on dates and living their best lives, a life that’s not yet the right time for that.

When I look at their parents, it’s obvious they know about the reckless behavior of the children. I once confronted a parent, about the reckless attitude of her child. The mother told me times are changing, and they can’t stop their children from living their best life.

When you visit social media platforms, you will see these minors portraying their stupidity on the net, and no one can tell them anything because they believe times are changing.

The present generation parent seems to be spoiling their children instead of bringing them up. Not all of them, but I have seen a greater number.

Everyone seems to have forgotten the saying ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’.

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