Daily Quotes

I need a vacationšŸ§³

I have been too busy with making money for my children, that I canā€™t remember the last time I laid under the shady trees watching the sun.

Life has left me with a lot of responsibilities and bills. My parents worked off their ass during their short stay on earth.

I never lacked anything as a child. My parents made sure I and my siblings enjoyed the best things in life, and the painful part was watching everything leave me.

My parents died when I least expected it; I was still in primary school. They were on their way to pick me up from school, with my only brother.

Too bad they had an accident before reaching my school, and they all died on the spot.

Well, that wasnā€™t the end of everything, as my dad didnā€™t leave a will behind. The only thing that was in my name was the family house.

My uncles took over everything; I was very little and was helpless.

They are all in the past; it is my driving force as I donā€™t want my children to suffer the same thing I went through.

I know sooner I will set-up my own company, and I can have all the time in the world. I need a place where I can only wake up and see the face of my family.

A place I can have a better view of the beautiful creation of God. Most times, when I look at Godā€™s creations, I acknowledge him for being the architect of my life, heā€™s the best artist.

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