Daily Quotes

When you have God, you have everything

When there is love, there’s life.W hen there is life, there is hope. When there is hope, there is faith.W hen there is faith, miracles happen. When you have God, you have everything.

Life can never be complete without God; he is the architect of everything that happens in our life.

We saw a new day is because of him; he can easily end our existence just by the words of his mouth.

Without God in our life, we will be empty and without directions. God is our father and he knows what’s best for us.

Even in moments, we feel that we are alone and God has forsaken us; he never leaves us even if it’s for a moment; he will always stand by us each step we take in our lives.

Life may have been bitter to you, but don’t give up. Everything we pass through is to shape us into better human beings.

Challenges are bound to occur; temptations, failures, and trials are going to pop up at some moments in our lives. All these happen to make us stronger and better.

God knows what’s best for us, and he won’t let what’s bigger than us come to us. We are created to triumph because God is always with us.

When I look back at my past and things I have done; I feel like God is so merciful and has greater plans for us.

I can say I’m a living testimony of God’s grace and mercy. I never thought he would give me another chance to serve and glorify him, but here I am.

God compliments every aspect of our lives, and without him we are worthless. 

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