Daily Quotes

Overcome it all

Did they stab you in the back? It’s ok. They lied to you? It’s ok. They used you? It’s ok. Keep working, keep pushing you. Overcome it all.

There are some points in life that we are meant to lose people; it should be part of growing up.

Each experience helps us not to make the same mistake again.

At times, people we expected to stay with us for a very long time, hardly makes it to the time we will need them most.

It is expected, people change; they might break our trust, and do things we least expected, but that shouldn’t stop us from living our best life.

You might have faced a divorce, an ending you never dreamed of or planned for, but that shouldn’t stop your life.

We might have been stabbed by our friends, people we could put our life in life for, but they ended up being the worse people we have ever met. We should let it go, don’t let the action of others pause your life.

I never expected that my fiancé will stoop so low to cheat on me with my best friend. I thought it was a onetime something, until I saw their wedding invitation cards flying everywhere.

It was the worst stage of my life, but I overcame it. They were like a family to me, but they ended up pausing my life for months as I was very sad and my mental health was at stake.

I promised myself not to ever let something like that affect me so much. Friends are going to leave you, family will disappoint you, but you should always overcome them.

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