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I have reached my limit

Have you been in one of those situations, when people keep pushing you to the wall, and when you eventually turn you are been tagged ill-mannered and rude?

Growing up, I was taught that my place was in the kitchen and I shouldn’t be anywhere else if not there.

I was reminded that I should treat my husband as a god, and I should never contribute to the running of the affairs of the home, because my husband owns me.

They kept shouting it to my ear that I’m only born to make babies, serve my husband, and clean up the house.

They said I’m a woman, and I can’t possibly have anything to offer to the societies if not make babies and be treated like a slave by my husband.

I never for once agreed in whatever role people said I should display as a new wife. I didn’t want to live my whole life as a slave and having no sense of belonging because I am a woman.

I was married off to a man I knew nothing about, and each time he shouts at me and I complain to my parents; I am reminded that I am a woman and the weaker sex I can’t do anything.

I couldn’t take anymore, I left that marriage, I have reached my limit and if didn’t leave I will break up.

My parents didn’t want to accept me back; the society I grew up in called me rebellious. I didn’t listen to them and created the path I wanted to follow and the life I wanted to live.

I reached my limit, I couldn’t take it anymore so I walked away.

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