Trust can be broken only once

Forgiving someone is easy, but being able to trust them again is a different story.

All I ever wished for is to be loved like a child and treated like an egg. Many times, I wake up asking no one in particular how I have gone wrong.

I hardly trust people, but when I do I never for once doubt them again. I love with everything in me and it takes mountains to move before I can stop loving them again.

I never dated anyone throughout my college days because I didn’t trust anyone and I didn’t want my heart to be broken either.

It was during my internship days I met my fiancé; he was everything I ever wanted. He was the best man and I ever met, and I never stopped thanking God for making things work between us.

We were practically the best couples and my feelings about him never changed for once even after five years of being with him, my love increases for him each day.

I was happy and trusted him with everything in me until he broke my trust. I never believed it at first because I saw some nasty messages on his phone until he confirmed my suspicions.

My life never remained the same, we are still together but that doesn’t mean I will ever get to trust him again. Forgiveness is easy, but trust can never be broken twice.

I wake up each day reminiscing on whatever that transpired between him and those girls. I know I will surely come around to letting go, but I can never get to trust him again.a 

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