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The mind can be angry but the heart still cares

When you truly care for someone, their mistakes never change your feelings because it is the mind that gets angry, but the heart still cares.

Mistakes can cost us people, friendship, family, and love, but in the end, they never truly leave us; it’s just that they can’t be close to us anymore.

When I look back at the decisions I made in the past, I couldn’t think of any other thing than to be proud of myself.

My life hasn’t been the best so far; I have faced depression and have been at the point of losing my life.

I became toxic to people, I never stopped seeing them as the same set of people who can easily bring me pain and can easily hurt me.

I created walls around me and never let anyone come close to it. I was always this jovial girl who was friends with everyone.

I was angry about being referred to as someone who can never find love and happiness; my half-siblings never stopped throwing that at my face, and when I thought I finally found love it all went back to the same cycle.

They are my family and no matter the kind of shits they throw at me, I know I cannot hate them. No matter how the mind gets angry, at the end of the day the heart will always care.

I ran away from home and far from anyone who has brought me pain and made me feel less of myself. I don’t hate them; I am angry that they made me feel less of myself, but I still care for them.

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