I hug my grandchildren with prayers

The luckiest humans are those who live to see their grandchildren.

You might be feeling so young and energetic right now, but have you thought of how you will be feeling in the next fifty years or more.

Have you read about the challenges that come with old? Or being watched your mom who could always dance around the house and go on outings with you suddenly bound to a wheelchair or not being able to lift a limb.

If you have an older person around you, always show them love and care, they need it and cherish it so much. I have seen older people die of loneliness and depression simply because their children left them.

Their children see them as a burden, and nothing should tie them down from enjoying themselves. If they left you when you were younger and always cried in the night raping them of their resting period, could you have survived today?

My grandma always tells me that she will ever be grateful to God for should keep her alive and let her meet us. She always loves it when we come around, even if to spend a few minutes with her.

She isn’t so strong, but she always likes cooking for us by herself anytime we come around. She said even if we don’t remember much about her when she’s gone, that we will never forget her sweet foods.

She said never skips a day without remembering us in prayers. She said that as she gets older, she might not be able to come to visit and laugh with us like we always use to, but she will always hug her prayers, and we should do the same when we become grandparents.

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