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Happy Independence Day Hugs

When Great Britain colonized us, they took our freedom from us. They trampled on us and regarded us as black moneys. We were taken to faraway countries where we worked like mules on their cotton field. We were not regarded as humans; we worked as cattle in their fields, while our wives and children were worse than maids. We were never paid, they said we are slaves. We worked both in the cold, and heat.

When we fell sick, they never cared for us; we were forced to work more, because we are black. Sickness and death were the only company we had. Well, it is all in the past. We are now united by independence and no one can stop us now. We no longer work as cattle; we have our farms now and tame it ourselves.

Our women are no longer taken away from us; we are now safe in the comfort of our homes. Each Independence Day comes with stories of our past, and how we came to be. We should always honor it and never forget how we fought to get it. Our past heroes fought selflessly for our freedom. They fought for us without knowing us, they fought for the future and the generations to come.

This is a true act of patriotism and nationalism. We should always honor them for going through edges and laying their lives in life for our freedom.

A nation without independence is like a baby that the mother has to feed, clothe, and bath. You have no identity, vision, or name; your mother is only recognized. We will always appreciate our fore-fathers for wining our battle to freedom. Thanks for granting us a child to taste freedom and independence. Today is a great day to remember, Happy Independence Day.

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