The most beautiful and precious part of your life

How you often wondered how you will look when you get older and not being able to move a limb?

Do you know your babies will be adults by then?

If there is anything I ever wish for, it is to be strong for my soldiers.

I want to watch them carry their kids, and place kisses on their faces.

I grew up having my grandparents around. There were aged but still strong and healthy.

I can remember running to them anytime I ate chocolates from mom’s collections, I always escaped beatings when I run to them.

They showed me so much love and care. I knew I was the happiest kid while growing up.

We always went on vacations, comprising of my parents and my grandparents.

It was always the best summer break. I watched my mom act like a kid in front of her parents. It was worthwhile watching them so happy and lively.

My grandma will always tell me to enjoy my youth and make the best out of it. She said that no matter how I try to go back to it, it is already a past.

She told me if there was a moment she will never forget in her life, it should be hanging out with her kids and her grandchildren.

Those moments we always spend together were the most beautiful and precious part of my life. Any time I think of it, it brings smiles on my face.

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