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I Know my worth

I grew up with the mentality that I belong to no one and owned by no one. My parents will always remind me that I am their princess and shouldn’t let anyone tell me otherwise or make me feel less.

I grew up believing I am the boss of myself and don’t need to bow to anyone. I know my worth and respect myself so much.

Some people might misunderstand my intentions and take it as being proud; that is far from the actual thing. In as much as I know my worth and respect myself, I know everyone deserves respect and goes a long way giving it to others because respect is reciprocal.

One can’t command respect; it is earned. It means one deserves respect by how you treat others and your body carriage.

I learned to be the boss of my actions from a tender age. I was brought up by a king and a queen. They taught me that I am not answerable to anyone, and if I do deem it necessary to answer someone, it should be a privilege.

I learned to be the author of my actions. I don’t allow people to determine my fate. It has helped me a lot in not expecting too much from people; expectations hurt, especially when it doesn’t go as planned.

I am my boss, and no one has the right to control me. I make my decisions and stick to it. No one has the right to control me or determine my fate. I always want to bear the consequences of my actions if things go wrong than someone being the architects of my problem.

I am owned by no one, answerable to none, and belongs to no one.     

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