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I learned my lessons

I have my flaws, I broke those laws, I paid those dues, I bear those scars, and I learned my lessons. 

If there was any part of me I never let g; it should be my past.

My past goes a long way reminding me of mistakes I shouldn’t repeat.

My past is my pride, and no matter how ugly it is, I always carry it around.

Most of the things I learned in life always came the hard way, but I never let it get a better part of me, I learned from them.

At the age of sixteen, I was already in love and neglected all the advices my parents ever gave me. I felt they were old fashioned, and didn’t want me to enjoy my youth days.

Things took turns and I ended up getting pregnant. All my friends that ever encouraged me deserted me; they said I was too dumb to get pregnant. My supposed lover left me, I had no one except my parents.

I was planning on terminating the pregnancy, but my parents encouraged me to keep it. I was afraid of what the world could say, and how everyone could look at me. I decided to own up to my faults, bear the pains and learn my lessons.

Today I have a soldier, who reminds me of mistakes I shouldn’t make again. He is my strength and a constant reminder of responsibilities I have and costly mistakes I made. I became an example to others; I don’t want anyone to learn the hard way.

I learned my lessons, problems never stops coming, but I still love my life.

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