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If you don’t have good intentions, I’m tired

Have you ever been in those situations when you wish you never existed, because everything keeps going wrong?

My whole life has been filled with lies and deceit; I don’t know what to believe any longer.

I thought I was the luckiest girl on earth after my supposed crush finally proposed to me. I didn’t hesitate to be his girlfriend.

I’m tired

I have lived happily with him for so long until my graduation was close. My mom asked me to bring him over to my graduation party, everything felt so off and there was a bad feeling lurking around.

I couldn’t place my hands on it; I shrugged it off thinking I was nervous and this is the first time I’m introducing a gut to my parents. Two days to the supposed graduation, I came back home and saw my parents in a verbal compact.

My mom was telling my dad, I’m old enough to know, and they can’t continue keeping me in the dark. My dad was against whatever they wanted to tell me, I cleared my throat so they could notice my presence.

I saw the scary look in their eyes, they acted like nothing happened and went upstairs. On my graduation day, my boyfriend came with his parents too. My mom decided to meet the parents and the look on their faces wasn’t pleasant.

My mom told me the relationship can’t work, that I should forget about him. I told her she was bluffing, I can’t forget the love of my life, I pushed her so long before she shouted at me, telling me we were twins.

I felt my eyes shutting and my legs failing me; I woke a few moments later in the hospital, turned out that my supposed mom stole me from my birth bed, and placed her dead baby beside my biological mom, who had twins. Well, my life can’t get any better, I’m tired of existing.

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