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I sit back and observe everything

I sit back and observes every person in my life, whether we talk every day or not. I know who motivates me and keeps it; I also know who talks about me, and smiles in my face.

 I know who I can trust and who I need to keep a distance with. Whether I say anything or let you be fake, I know.

I know my friends and people who are there to monitor my life.

One thing I have learned so far in life is to be conscious of which I chose as friends. People who lead to the downfall of others aren’t enemies or strangers; they are always people who are close to you.

People who aren’t close to you will never hurt you; it is always done by people whom you thought will always have your back.

Over these years, I have experienced the worst things, and I know there’s no way I am letting them repeat itself.

I have been through a lot of heartbreaks and emotional trauma; they weren’t caused by strangers, they were done by people I called best friends.

I almost lost my life when I was sixteen because my best friend thought I was dating her crush. We were always seen together and she thought I was a hindrance to the boy seeing her.

She purposely led me to a dusty area, and ran off with my inhaler. Thank God, the school wasn’t empty, someone saved me. She thought I won’t survive it, and ran home telling my parents I had an accident.

Well, she’s in jail and that’s the end. I sit and observe everyone who chose to come into my life before deciding to keep them as friends.

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