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A salute to our heroes

Here’s a salute to our troops currently serving and our veterans.

The best thing that can happen to someone is being aware that someone is protecting you as you go about your daily activities, and also when you sleep.

The best people that exist are those who sacrifice their life, time, and they’re all for humanity.

Thank you for keeping us safe, y’all are amazing and I pray each day for God to keep you safe.

Every worker gets a time off duty to be with his/ her loved ones, but you work day and night, endlessly to ensure our safety.

We wish a day will come; there won’t be any need for people to protect us. A world full of peace, and unity even in diversity, where they won’t be a presence of violence or wars to fight. 

I have lived almost all my life as a lonely woman. After my husband went to join the service, I was left to train my children single-handedly. He said it has always been his passion to serve his country fearlessly.

I am so proud of him, for choosing a great path. He decided to fight and protect the nation, I won’t hold him, rather I will support him, and remember him my prayers.

My prayers also reach out to others who have chosen to fight the cause of our nation and protect her. 

Thank you for fulfilling your duty, and fighting our wars like they are yours. You showed us true patriotism and selflessness.

To those in service and the veterans, we will forever appreciate all that you have done and doing for the state. May the good lord’s blessings and protection never depart from you all. 

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