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I wish y’all a safe week

A lot has happened in the past weeks; I have seen the worst.

I have watched corpses been thrown away like they are trash.

I have seen people commit suicide because of depression and hunger.

If there’s anything I ask God for each moment, it should be to keep y’all safe.

This period is one of the most trying times in history, the virus caught everyone unawares.

My family have already planned out on how the break will be. We were planning on going to Italy, and other beautiful parts of the world.

We thought it was something that will end in weeks. Weeks turned to months, and nothing has still been done.

A lot of things have changed during this period. Some people lost their loved ones, some lost their jobs, some even worse.

Last week was one of the saddest moments of my life; I lost my pregnant aunt. She is a banker, but was correctly on leave because of her condition.

We were all eating lunch before a message popped up in her phone. It was an email of termination of appointment.

She came back to the sitting room not being her cheerful self. We all thought it was one of her mood swings.

We noticed she wasn’t up yet the next day, we rushed to her room and met a cold body. Her breathing was faint.

She was rushed to the hospital, and the next news we heard was her death. She died of high blood pressure, her child was los too.

I know times are hard and depressing, I wish you a better safe, fun, blessed and peaceful week.

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