Wishing all my friends happy independence day

Wishing all my family and my friends, near by and far away, a safe, happy and fun Independence Day Weekend.

May God’s love be with you today and throughout the Weekend showering you with peace, hope and happiness. We all have been through some difficult and trying times over these past several months, learn to let go and God will lead you and guide you through every storm of your life.

Have faith in God that things are getting better, He remains in control. Take time to celebrate our beautiful country and our independence, our freedom.

Give thanks to every soldier that has fought the tough fight, securing America to keep us safe. We can never be more thankful. God Bless America. God Bless our Families, and our Homes.

Thank you for your mercy and grace upon this land and the people who live here. We are proud, strong and free. Have a blessed, safe and happy Independence Day!

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