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I think some of us were born to give more love

I think some of us were born to give more love than we will ever receive in return.

I was the ideal type of woman; I spent a lot of time carving myself into a perfect building.

I was perfect in the eyes of my husband and family; I was submissive and endearing when necessary, I was a good mother to my husband and our kids.

I was the CEO of my brand and didn’t have to bother my husband for anything, what could go wrong.

I loved my husband and kids so much that I can place my life along the line for them; they were all I have got and will trade anything in the world to have them.

My husband wasn’t so loving and most times I doubt if he loves me like I do to him, but I didn’t want to bother myself with that, I knew he was loving and will never hurt me for any reason.

I was blind to all the cheating signs he was showing, until a pregnant woman knocked on my door. I thought it was a prank, as it was my birthday and wanted to know if I trust him, but he proved me wrong.

He had another family different from ours; they have been together for God knows how long. my life took another turn at that moment as I filed for a divorce.

My kids were of age and they chose to stick with me. I watched as all my plans of forever after crumbled before me; things don’t always go according to our plans.

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