People don’t like my physical looks

People got me as a friend on social media, but don’t like me in real life.

My childhood days weren’t the best, but I didn’t want to dwell in the hurtful experiences of people always hating me, and I didn’t have any friends.

I was body shamed most of the time because I was bigger than my age. My teenage days weren’t better as no girl wanted to be my friend.

I grew up hating that I was mature at an early age. I wasn’t so endowed, but everything was in the right places. I had a slender hip with a wide waist, my bosoms were in place, and I was dark-skinned with a very long hair people always mistake as attachment.

I once had a best friend on Facebook, we were so close, and will always talk to each other about our problems. I was happy I had a sister at last, but it didn’t last long. We met for the first time, and I noticed how she was looking at me.

I hoped she won’t be like the rest; things were pretty cool between us, until she stopped hanging out with me. Many times, when I asked what was the problem she said we were cool.

Few weeks when I couldn’t take the cold shoulders she was giving me again; I decided to confront her. She told me she hated feeling inferior to me, and many times we were always together people will compliment my looks without even noticing her presence.

She left me because she felt I can be a stumbling block to her, she felt my shadow will prevent her light from shining. Well, life keeps moving; I can’t change my looks because of anyone, I thank God for making me, me. 

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