There are times I felt like disappearing

Do you ever just want to move somewhere new where no one knows who you are and start all over again?

There are times I wished never to have existed; I could hear the voices of everyone cursing me and wishing for my death.

Life never became the same after I lost my legs; I was involved in a ghastly motor accident and I had to be amputated. All the money I had went down the drain because of my condition.

I was in debt, and my debtors weren’t giving me time to come up with something. Everyone labeled me a debtor, and my name was stained beyond washing.

My wife of twenty-five years left me when I needed her most. She said she couldn’t be with a lame man.

No one ever took it in them to check up on me or help me knowing very well that I can’t do much on my own.

My kids didn’t stay back with me, the debtors were planning on taking them until I’m able to raise their money. My world was crumbling before my eyes; I was once rich, and successful.

I had a lot of friends, and my house was always filled to the brim as I welcome anyone to my home, how things took this turn surprised me.

I wish I could just wake up, and everything is a dream. I wish I could disappear from whatever I’m facing now.

I know my life will never remain the same, but I have accepted who I am, but I won’t allow my physical conditions to belittle me.

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