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I want to live a simple life without stress or worry

I want to live a
simple life without stress
or worry. I don’t need a lot
of stuff. I just want to be

I Want to be happy

Sadness free life is all I ever wished for. I never wanted to be caught up in the hustles and buzzes of the world. If wishes were horses beggars will ride themselves to death.

All I ever wished for was happiness. Each time I look back at how life has been to me, it’s not worth a memory to keep but I forged ahead.

Growing up in a family of six and being the only girl amidst five drug addicts. My parents weren’t left out. I was the Judas in their midst. Nevertheless, I resolved not to move with the crowd.

It could have been less painful if I was left to be on my own to nurse my feelings and disappointments. I get beaten up at every slightest thing by my brothers after sniffing their drugs.

I endured all and believed that one day they will come around. Things took a turn and I lost my parents. I was left at the mercies of my brothers. They neither bring money for food nor ask about my welfare. I was just in my world. 

I decided to leave home and work on being a better person. I didn’t want anyone to be an architect of my happiness. I wanted to create a paradise.

I believed I can create that world I always wanted. I trained myself through school by the peanuts I earned by doing petty jobs for people and the church also gave me their support.

Today I’m a renowned teacher, who takes pride and finds happiness in what she’s doing. I took a step and created my happiness. I believed happiness existed and I found it.  

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