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It’s not a hidden fact that we all want to feel loved. There is this joy that comes from knowing that you are the first thing that comes to someone mind when he wakes up and the last thing he thinks about before he sleeps.

There is this thrill that we get when we know that there is someone whom when you are with, you tend to forget all your worries and sorrow and become happy and lively just by seeing their face or hearing their voice.

Despite this joy and thrill that comes with loving someone, most times the feelings ain’t reciprocated. We then find ourselves in a dilemma of choosing either to be alone or to hold closely to the vanity feeling that you care for someone will still being lonely.

This is seen mostly among the youths while some married people go through this struggle regularly. Being with someone who makes you whole world come alive is the best feeling in the world but at the same time being with someone who neglects you and makes you feel like your whole world is crashing all the time can be one of the worst feeling one could ever experience.

It’s better to be alone and have no commitment and learn to enjoy our company alone than to be with someone who doesn’t love or care for you. One sided love hurts the most.

It’s much better to walk down a death valley alone and know u have no one to count on if things went wrong than to walk with someone by your side but still know that you are alone cause if something should happen, the person you are with won’t move a muscle to save you.

The greatest thing that ever is existed is love. Love starts from you before it can be transferred to another person. Love yourself and live your best life and other things will surely fall into places .

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