In a recent remark, William Shatner, 91, reveals he won’t survive for very long

William Shatner has stated that he is aware he doesn’t have “much to live” and has recognised that his “time has limited,” according to fresh reports.

After obtaining the role of Captain James T. Kirk in 1966, the Star Trek actor had a long and prosperous career at the top of the entertainment world.

He repeatedly played that part until his final appearance in the Star Trek series in 1994, by which time he had established himself as an icon.

Shatner has more recently been involved in the making of the documentary You Can Call Me William, which is about his life. He acknowledged that he had gotten numerous proposals over the years to do documentaries, but only now because of his impending death.

I’ve previously declined a lot of opportunities to work on documentaries, he admitted to Variety. Yet my time here is limited.

My time is short, so that’s a major consideration, whether I pass away as I’m speaking to you or in ten years. I have young children. This film is a means for me to communicate with people after I’m gone.

The 91-year-old spoke openly and honestly about the possibility of dying.

He said, “There was a time when actors—and I include myself in this—would simulate death by falling to the ground, your eyes would flicker, and you’d droop around—and suddenly you’re dead.

That’s not how you pass away. You perish in this manner. Shatner’s breath quickly freezes as his eyes suddenly widen. See? I’m gone. Ever killed a dog? I cup my dog’s head and say, “I’m with you baby, I’m with you,” when I have to put a dog to sleep while I’m at the vet. The dog then gives me a loving look when the injection is administered, and that’s all. You’re unaware that they’re gone.

“That’s how you pass away. It’s quick. The brother of my wife entered the bedroom after leaving the living room. A thud was heard. When his wife entered, he was already dead. To each of us, death recurs.

The film on Shatner’s life, which was directed by Alexandre O. Philippe, will make its debut at the forthcoming SXSW Film Festival in Texas.

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The renowned actor also discussed the importance of his grandchildren back in 2014. He stated to The Guardian that his greatest joy in life is being a grandparent. Now that I have the time, I can grab a grandchild, talk to them, give them a hug and kiss, and make sure I take the time to be with them and share some of what I’ve learned with them.

“Family life encompasses everything. Every weekend, I get to visit my daughters. We also take vacations together, doing everything from skiing to swimming.

Shatner garnered media attention in 2021 when he boarded a Blue Origin sub-orbital capsule and was launched into space. He thereby achieved the distinction of becoming the oldest person to fly in space.

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