Tina Turner’s son Ronnie’s cause of death has been made public

Ronnie Turner, the adored son of Tina Turner, unexpectedly passed away in December at the age of 62. She posted a poignant homage to him on Instagram despite her pain and agony, saying, “My eyes may be closed in sadness, but my heart will always remember you.” Ronnie’s family and fans continue to honour his memory.

On Friday, Afida Turner gave a moving homage to her adored husband, Ronnie. She broke down in tears as she admitted that despite her best efforts, life was not on their side this time and that the love of her life had been taken from her too soon, having been reunited in paradise with his brother Craig and father Ike. He was more than just a friend to her, she said; he was a true angel.

Ronnie Turner passed away from colon cancer, according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner Coroner’s office. He passed away as a result of complications from an illness that had spread metastatically throughout his body.

For many people, metastatic cancer, sometimes referred to as stage 4 cancer, is terrifying. It happens when malignant cells spread outside of their original region of the body. Equally alarming is atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, a condition that can harden arteries and perhaps impede blood flow or result in life-threatening clots in ways that are all too familiar from our dreams.

Tina Turner’s child was named Ronnie Turner. He made a memorable cameo as a young child in the 1993 biopic “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” about his mother, which starred Laurence Fishburne as Ike and Angela Bassett as Tina.

The eldest child of Tina Turner, who was 18 at the time, and musician Raymond Hill, Craig Turner, was discovered dead in 2018 at the age of 59. Shortly after Craig’s birth, his mother wed Ike Turner, and he joined the family. Tragically, the Turners suffered another loss when Craig passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

Tina wrote a touching eulogy about saying goodbye to her cherished son Craig, who passed away unexpectedly at age 59, on social media. She gathered with family and friends to scatter his ashes off the California coast in a devastating farewell, and Tina will always remember that moment as a lasting memory of her “baby.”

After 16 years of tumultuous marriage, Tina Turner’s union with Ike Turner came to an end in 1978. She married German music producer Erwin Bach nine years after his drug-related death, and they were together for 30 lovely years before getting married in 2013. Also, Tina adopted both of her late husband’s boys, who are now 64 and 63, and has maintained a close relationship with them for decades.

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