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It is Okay to Talk to Yourself

It’s OK to talk to yourself. it’s even OK to answer yourself.., But when you ask yourself to repeat what you just said – you have a problem!

Sometimes, we believe we are the smartest people in the room, and it’s okay. It is okay to talk to yourself and it’s okay to actually answer yourself.

 There is a general theory that people who talk to themselves are mad, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes you are the smartest person you know, but if you think that way all the time  you are probably arrogant. 

We find ourselves talking to ourselves a lot of times for different reasons.

 Some persons use it as  a way to remind themselves of something, for others, it  is a way to get their thoughts together, and yet for some others, it is their way of dealing with issues or talks about things they don’t know how to talk about in public. 

Whatever your reason for talking to yourself, there’s really nothing wrong in one talking to oneself, because like I said, you’re probably the smartest person you know. Now, you could talk to yourself. Ask yourself some questions and reply yourself, where it becomes a problem is when you’re talking to yourself, and you ask yourself to repeat what you have said. 

Now that’s the problem. It may sound hilarious that somebody would ask themselves to repeat what they’ve said, but some persons lose touch with reality and find themselves having hallucinations, and sometimes they talk to themselves, and ask themselves questions and reply to the questions, and then proceed to ask yourselves to repeat it. If you ever find yourself doing something of this nature. please see a psychiatrist for evaluation.

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