“It will never be the same,” discloses a depressing fact about Kate Middleton and Camilla’s relationship to a royal specialist

For more than ten years, Queen Camilla and Kate Middleton have enjoyed an extraordinary connection. The Princess of Wales now considers Camilla to be her stepmother-in-law and a close friend in the royal family because she was never able to meet her “real” mother-in-law.

Though it happened at different times, both ladies married into the royal family, and regrettably, the queen and the princess have had to put up with cruel remarks and derogatory monikers.

LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 13: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend the annual Trooping The Colour ceremony at Horse Guards Parade on June 13, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Kate Middleton’s friendship with Camilla has improved and grown more endearing ever since she joined the royal family. But a royal specialist claims that Camilla is missing something crucial that will never allow her and her stepdaughter-in-law to get close.

Kate Middleton is going through a really difficult period with her father-in-law, King Charles. They have both been diagnosed with cancer, albeit it is unknown what specific type of cancer Kate has. In the meantime, Queen Camilla has received recognition for her increased efforts while her husband was away.

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A person who marries into a royal family has a great deal of struggle because royal life is not always simple. They not only have to give up their “normal” lives forever, but they also have to go by a number of restrictions about what to wear, how to act in public, and numerous customs.

Furthermore, as in real life, some people will never become friends simply because of who they are. Regarding how bad things have grown, Meghan Markle’s situation and those of many other royal family members may fall into a distinct category.

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Being married into the royal family must be extraordinary, and it’s challenging for those people to adjust every aspect of their lives. However, in several instances, accounts indicate that the family has made every effort to assist them in getting ready for what’s to come.

In addition to Queen Camilla’s proactive efforts prior to the couple’s marriage, Prince William made every effort to assist Kate Middleton in preparing for life as a princess.

He says the number of visitors permitted for the former infuriated the Princess of Wales. Bower added that when Charles and Camilla left the Abbey, Kate didn’t “move a limb.” At the time, Bower stated, “Camilla bought twenty Parker Bowles’ to the coronation, and there were four Middleton’s.” Even more striking was William’s lack of mention of Queen Camilla at the Windsor event the next day. Thus, tension exists there.

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Given that Kate was “behaving like the Queen” and that a “exhausted” Queen Camilla had “disappeared” from the public eye, Bower declared that the tension was a “dangerous position for Charles to be in.”

Tom Bower stated, “If you watch the Coronation footage, you’ll see that everyone bows and curtsies to the King and no one moves a limb, a muscle when Camilla passes as the King and Queen leave the thrones and head for the exit of Westminster Abbey.”

And that’s because they felt resentment towards her. Nobody is moving. William and Kate were also furious. That small portion of the audience by the throne in the middle of Westminster Abbey was directly affected by that rage. And at that very moment, it was evident to those who had been left out that not a single person, not even Kate, offered a curtsy to Queen Camilla.

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Even though the royal family has seen a lot of turbulence in more recent years, Kate and Camilla have persevered through the difficulties. The assertions that Kate was unhappy with Camilla at the coronation hare unfounded. They appear to be anything but diseased, though, as they have been serving as royals together ever since.

The particular bond between the queen and princess has grown to be extremely “strong,” according to Jennie Bond, a former royal correspondent for the BBC, who discussed it with OK! Magazine in November of last year.

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