When Dolly Parton posts a never-before-seen photo of her husband Carl, her followers go crazy

Dolly Parton is 78 years old, but she doesn’t intend to slow down. She continues to lead a busy and fulfilling profession despite living a quiet and peaceful life outside of the spotlight with her spouse Carl.

Dolly Parton has now posted a brand-new, never-before-seen photo of the two, and fans are going crazy over one particular aspect.

Shutterstock/Bart Sherkow

Dolly Parton has spent her entire life in the music industry, and nothing appears to be stopping her from doing what she does best.

Living the good life is what Dolly Parton and her husband Carl are doing. And now, the adored singer has released a brand-new, extremely rare, never-before-seen photo of the amazing pair on her Instagram page. In this image from the 1960s, Dolly is seen holding Carl’s hand while showcasing her famous blond hair.

Comment sections were flooded with praise for the adorable duo from fans. One feature, though, was not quite what was anticipated.

In reality, Carl can be seen Photoshopping a shirt from Dolly’s own line of items onto his body. Dolly captioned the image, saying, “Find you a partner who will support you like my Carl Dean does.”


We are really pleased for Dolly Parton and Carl because they seem to be genuinely happy. Hopefully, Dolly will perform live once more soon.

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