Jane Fonda’s outfit from the Golden Globes attracted the attention of many

We all know Jane Fonda and her influence in the movie industry. The name alone screams prestige and she’s among the most successful in the industry.

She has been in the show business for over six decades and her roles are always remembered by the mention of her name.


Jane Fonda made her acting debut in 1960 and received a nomination. She made her screen debut the same year in a romantic comedy.

Jane knows how to cause a media frenzy, as her first exercise video became the highest-selling of all time; she sold over 17 million copies.

She divorced her second husband Tom Hayden and went on to marry Ted Turner a billionaire media mogul. Jane divorced Turner in 2001 and went back to acting.

Some people believe that the 83-year-old actress got her fame because she’s the daughter of Henry Honda, a legendary actor, but that’s not the case.

Jane was born on December 21, 1937, in New York City and her mom committed suicide 12 years after she was born. Jane’s mom committed suicide in Craig House Psychiatric hospital while undergoing treatment. Jane losing her mom was something that affected her deeply and her father wasn’t a man of many words, he had his pain to deal with.

Jane was born to Frances Ford Seymour a Canadian-born socialite and Henry Fonda, an American actor. Henry once said that the family surname Fonda was from an Italian ancestor.


Henry married Susan Blanchard the same year he lost his wife and the marriage ended abruptly.

Jane wasn’t just an actress, she was also an environmentalist, former fashion model, and political activist. She was a political activist during the Vietnam war. She co-founded the Women’s Media Center in 2005, alongside Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem.

Jane was known for many of her remarkable roles and she has several awards and nominations, even an Oscar award.

She got two Oscars for her 1972 movie, Klute, and the 1979 movie, coming home.

This year, Bridget Fonda received the Cecil B. DeMille Award and her outfit left many tongues wagging.

Years ago, Bridget Fonda told Ellen DeGeneres that she won’t buy a new piece of clothing again, and it seems she stood by her words as her outfit for the award was a white suit she wore before.

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