Why you don’t hear from Bridget Fonda anymore

Lots of Hollywood careers don’t last forever, but then no matter what happens we will always remember their captivating moments.

Bridget was a great actress in her own way and she always got us glued on our screens. She was a fantastic actress back in the 80s’ and 90s, but then, the gorgeous-looking actress disappeared suddenly.

Before Bridget Jane Fonda was born in 1964, Los Angeles, it seemed like a career was waiting for her already as she was born into a family of actors.

Henry Honda was her grandfather and Peter Fonda her father, and her aunt was Jane Fonda and also Larry Hagman was her godfather.

Peter Fonda and Bridget Fonda

Her mother, Susan Brewer was a creative person and worked as an artist.

Bridget’s parents divorced when she was young. Her dad left when she was just 8, in 1972. Bridget had little or no communication with the Fonda family after then.

Growing up without a dad left scars in her heart, but as they advanced in age they reconnected later on. Bridget was surprised how she so much looked like her dad.

Bridget attended an all-girls institution, Westlake School for girls in Los Angeles. Her interest in acting grew when she was in high school and led her to land a role in the school’s production of ”Harvey,”; it was a famous play by Mary Chase an American playwright and things took off from there.

Bridget Fonda, 1989

At the age of 5, Bridget already had her film debut. She featured in a movie, 1969; a landmark counterculture movie.

Bridget had the role of a child in the hippie community. She also got a non-speaking role in ”Partners.”

In 1986 Bridget graduated from the New York University Table School of the Arts acting program.

She won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress after she played her first major role as Mandy Ricedavies in ”Scandal”.


Bridget never had the pressure to succeed as she came from a family of prominent actors.  

A good number of Television producers wanted to recruit Bridget during the course of her career, but she wanted to focus on movies and always turned them down.

Bridget has always been someone who loves privacy a lot and was always restrictive when it comes to her personal life.

She always kept her relationship off the media, but it was later found out that she dated actor Eric Stolz and broke up after eight years together.

In 2003, Bridget married Danny Elfman and people feel like her retirement came faster because of her marriage. They have a son together and living happily together.

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