Jennnifer Aniston reportedly left out of her mother’s will

Jennifer Aniston was born in Sherman Oaks, California on February 11, 1969.

She grew up in New York but their once happy family ended after her father walked away. Their relationship has been going back and forth ever since then.

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She told the Hollywood Reporter in 2015, “There are people in my life that are like, ‘How do you even talk to that guy?’ But what’s the point of holding on to [anger]? That’s so toxic, we human beings. Human beings make mistakes.

Human beings are not perfect. And by not forgiving someone, it’s not allowing human beings to evolve and become better people.”

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Jennifer Aniston always wanted to be an actress from an early age. She headed straight to Hollywood after graduating from Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York City.

She got to be part of the new sitcom Friends. When interviewed about her role on Friends, she said it was a medium for her to push positivity and happy life.


Aniston said, “I think that it comes from growing up in a household that was destabilized and felt unsafe, watching adults being unkind to each other, and witnessing certain things about human behavior that made me think: “I don’t want to do that, I don’t want to be that.”

The show was a huge success and gave the cast fame as well as money.

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Last year, there was a reunion for the six stars from the show and it was an emotional moment for everyone.

Aniston explained, “I think we were just so naive walking into it, thinking, ‘How fun is this going to be? They’re putting the sets back together, exactly as they were.’ Then you get there, and it’s like, ‘Oh right, I hadn’t thought about what was going on the last time I was here.”


She added: “And it just took me by surprise because it was like, “Hi, past, remember me? Remember how that sucked? You thought everything was in front of you and life was going to be just gorgeous, and then you went through maybe the hardest time in your life?”

She seems to have gotten the fame she wanted, but her relationship with her mother Nancy Dowe never got better. According to Nancy, Jennifer didn’t live up to her expectations, and that left a deep wound in the hearts of Jennifer.

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Aniston told Elle Magazine, “She was from this world of, ‘Honey, take better care of yourself,’ or ‘Honey put your face on,’ or all of those odd sound bites that I can remember from my childhood.”

At the age of 79, Nancy passed away due to illness, and Jennifer Aniston was said to have paid all the medical bills.

Sources told In Touch Weekly, that Jennifer didn’t receive anything from Nancy’s Will.

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Dow left her condo and more than $1 million to a relative. Nancy had a lot of writings about Jen which she handed over to someone else. Alimony from Jen’s dad wasn’t touched at all.

Jennifer hasn’t said anything about the claims, but it seems like she doesn’t mind as she is worth over $300 million.

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