Kim Richard’s mother, Kathleen Dugan, demanded her daughters to marry rich men

Kim Richards started her career when she was barely a year old and has turned into a reality TV gold especially after appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Kim Richards was born in Mineola, New York on September 19, 1964.

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Kim was so pretty that anyone who saw her always recommend that she got into the show business.

Kim went on to work for different brands appearing in over 20 commercials before she clocked 5 years old.

Kim made her Television debut at the age of 5 as Prudence Everett in the ABC comedy series The Nanny and The Professor.

Her costars on set couldn’t stop praising her.

Mills said during a reunion segment for Fox Los Angeles, “She was a sweet little girl, very pretty. Very professional and took the job very seriously.”

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At the age of 15, Kim was already a big star and even though it took a toll on her health she didn’t want to leave.

She told Austin American-Statesman in 1979, “I love the business, though. And I plan to stay in it the rest of my life, Once you’re established, you’ll probably work right through. Somehow, I skipped the awkward period in my life. I’m really too old now to play kids.”

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Kathleen Dugan, Kim’s mother is seen as a golden digger, as it’s claimed she demanded her daughters to marry rich men.

She often made it look like she was a rich Hilton heiress looking for a long-term relationship” to impress.

At the age of 19, Kim got married to Monty Brinson and according to Brinson Kim was pregnant.

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He said, as reported by Daily Mail, “We found out [Kim was pregnant], and we did the right thing. It was Kim’s choice to have the baby, they [Rick and Kathy Hilton, and Kim and Kathy’s mother] didn’t believe in abortion because they were Catholic. It wasn’t even an option.”

They had their first child in 1986 and divorced three years later.

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Today, Kim is 57 years old and she’s the doting grandmother that we can imagine. Hucksley means the world to her.

“He’s super outgoing, animated, super lovable, calls me Nana,” she revealed. “I bought him a set of Safari animals, like 72 Safari animals. I can say, ‘Where’s the platypus,’ and he’ll know where the platypus is at. He knows every animal, and I’m not just saying this because he’s my grandson, but he’s so smart.”

She added: “He sings, and he loves to dance, We put him in the car seat, and he immediately wants the radio [on]. He makes these faces, and he loves music. He’s just extremely loving, and a happy baby doesn’t cry a lot.”

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