Inside life of The Great Khali

Hulk Hogan is one of the biggest WWE stars in history and he’s popularly known as “The Great Khali.”

His masculine and huge body always made him stand out.

Khali formerly named Dalip Singh was born in the small town of Dhiraina, northern India in 1972.

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They were over 24 families residing in the small town and they have to work for their survival. At a young age, he started doing odd jobs to support his family.

Dalip was diagnosed with gigantism and chin protrusion at a young age, a condition known as acromegaly. It got him a lot of attention as his physique wasn’t left unnoticed.

Dalip moved to Shima where he was hired as a security guard after which Punjab’s former police chief Mahal Singh Bhullar discovered him.

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The Great Khali told Daily Pioneer in 2015, ”He asked me ‘Why I was working so hard even after my shift was over’. My response was that ‘unlike others, I had a bigger stomach to fill and thus needed to work harder than the rest’ and that landed me a job with the Punjab Police.”

Dalip Singh Rana immigrated to the US for better opportunities in 1999 and joined All Pro Wrestling Camp.

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In 2000 he made his debut as a professional wrestler.

He said of his early career, “For the first time in my life I could buy a TV, a decision that changed my life forever I not only got introduced to wrestling but decided to make it my passion and my profession.”

nstagram / The Great Khali

In 2007 he won the heavyweight championship and that was the peak of his career.

Dalip told Sportskeeda, “You’d probably understand the kind of reaction winning a World title in WWE would generate in a wrestler. It was the proudest moment I’ve felt in 35 years. For an Indian, getting to WWE is a big deal. Winning the title was something else; my dream came true when I won the World Heavyweight title in WWE.”

In 2002, Khali got married to Harminder Kaur, an Indian-American actress. He’s a loving husband and father.

Dalip at the age of 48 still manages to keep in shape and he seems like he never aged.

Dalip’s net worth is estimated to be over $6 million.

He says, ”I started by keeping small, simple and short-term achievable goals for myself. I never thought that I would become this huge global icon, The Great Khali, or do brand endorsements, work in Hollywood and Bollywood. I wasn’t aiming for this.
My area of concern was as simple as any regular Indian’s is.”

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