Susan Dey’s life after the hit TV show ‘The Partridge Family’

Susan Dey became one of the biggest TV stars of the 1970s at the age of 18.

Susan Dey was working as a model and had no prior experience of acting and played the role of Laurie Partridge, a main character of The Partridge Family.

Susan Dey was born on 10th December 1952, in Pekin, Illinois USA.

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To begin with, Susan was working as a model as influenced by her grandmother. She encouraged her to go into modeling as she was a striking beauty.

Her acting career started after she got on one of the biggest shows of the 1970s, The Partridge Family.

The show was a huge success but it took a toll on some of the cast as Dey dropped to 92lbs and suffered an eating disorder as well.

David Cassidy also has his issues to battle with especially the fame that ripped this privacy. According to his memoir C’mon, Get Happy: Fear and Loathing on the Partridge Family Bus.

Cassidy who played the role of Keith was a hottie and attracted a lot of attention including that of Susan Dey.

The duo dated after the show, but their relationship was short-lived as Cassidy opens up that she was too innocent for him.

They stayed as friends, but not until Cassidy revealed their intimate moments which made Dey decide never to be friends with him again.

Susan Dey after the show became one of the most sought after and appeared in over 20 movies, which earned her six Golden Globe and three Emmy award nominations.

Susan Dey 1990 Annual Emmy Awards / Wikipedia

In 1976, Susan found love again and got married to Leonard ‘Lenny’ Hirshman and they had their first and old child Sara Dey-Hirshan two years after. The couple went their separate ways in 1981.

Susan Dey got married to Bernard Sofronski seven years later and they have been together for over 30 decades.

Susan Dey retired from the big screens in the mid-2000s and has remained out of the media.


At the age of 66, she looks dashing as ever, her light blue colored eyes, brown hair and hourglass figure remain unchanged. She’s still a beautiful woman.

Her network is estimated to be over $10 million and she earned all that through her career which spanned over 3 decades.

Now, Susan Dey is living a quiet life in upstate New York with her husband Bernard.

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