King Charles and Queen Camilla are under criticism for allegedly “kicking in the teeth” of servants

Two months have passed since King Charles and Queen Camilla were crowned at Westminster Abbey. The royal pair has resumed their duties and is now set to be coronated for the second time in Scotland.

When Queen Elizabeth II died, King Charles was expected to start modernising the Royal Family in a variety of ways. The former Prince of Wales has already begun the process of cleaning and relocating numerous of his mother’s prized possessions; not long after the Queen’s death, news of many of Charles’ Clarence House staff members being laid off surfaced.

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The crowning of King Charles on May 6 became one of the most publicised royal spectacles in decades. The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was obviously massive, but this time the celebration was filled with pleasure rather than grief.

The coronation was seen by an average of 18 million people, with a total of 32.5 million people tuning in for the BBC’s broadcast.

While many people think that a coronation is a historical, no-holds-barred occasion worth commemorating, others say that the monarchy no longer has a place in modern society.

Many employees apparently expected to work for King Charles in his new household.

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“Everyone is furious, including the private secretaries and the senior team.” Since Thursday, the entire staff has been working late every night to prepare for this. People were obviously startled by it, according to one person who spoke to the publication.

The workers were upset, not least because of the timing of the letter’s distribution. Loyal aides thought the message, written by Charles’ confidential secretary Sir Clive Alderton and dispatched by mail, was “heartless” because they were mourning Queen Elizabeth II.

“The staff are furious,” one insider told The Sun. They’re working around the clock and under enormous stress, and then they get these emails. Anger, wrath, and tears have been shed. They are working tirelessly, fueled primarily by their love for Charles and the Queen.”

It is unknown how many employees were forced to leave. However, it is evident that the king and queen still have lots of employees.

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The couple’s top two staff employees, King Charles’ private secretary Sir Clive Alderton and Queen Camilla’s private secretary, Ms. Sophie Densham, have been with them for years, and it was generally reported that both earn a substantial salary for their services.

According to the most recent report, Alderton gets paid between £205,000 and £210,000 (about $260,000 and $266,000).

LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 17: King Charles III and Queen Camilla leave St Paul’s Church also known as Actors’ Church, during a visit to Covent Garden on May 17, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Daniel Leal – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Sophie Densham only receives between £90,000 and £95,000 a year from the taxpayer-funded account (about $114,000 to $120,000).

“I’m astounded by the disparity, and I’m astounded by Sophie’s salary — that’s a kick in the teeth.” “She is a true grafter with a massive, bloody busy job,” a former top courtier told The Times.

According to a Palace official. “Her [Densham’s] remuneration package is comparable to that of the late Duke of Edinburgh’s private secretary.”

According to the Times, Densham is constantly by Queen Camilla’s side while she is on official business. Meanwhile, Alderton is said to attend only King Charles’ “most high-profile outings.”

According to the story, he has been given housing in exchange for “better performance” of his tasks. He is said to dwell at Marlborough House, a short distance from his office at Buckingham Palace.

“Whether you believe there is a pay disparity because of their gender rather than seniority is a question,” a royal insider said. “Sophie is well-known for being a capable and dedicated supporter of the Queen.”

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