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Know who you trust

When I looked back at the turns my life took, because of the petty mistakes I made in the past, I thank God for them.

It’s always at points we need people most, that they often show us their true colors. Be mindful of whom you trust, because your downfall can’t be caused by strangers; it is always by people you trust so much.

I once tried feeding people with bullshit about me; I had a large circle of friends and I didn’t know who was true or was just moving with the tag friends.

I wanted to find out those who are worthy of being called friends, and family. I told them I was pregnant and my supposed fiancé left me, saying he doesn’t want anything to do with an undergraduate anymore.

I faked it so real, that in a few days the number of friends I have has reduced drastically. On many occasions, I told them, that my parents doesn’t want to have anything to do with me, and will be glad if they assisted me financially or in any way they could, no one ever returned my calls or asked after me for weeks.

I knew better than anyone I was with the wrong people. I trusted them, I can lay my life on the line for their safety without knowing they can’t do the same.

You can tell me you trust me instead of telling me that you love me because trust is a better compliment. Know who you trust or keep close to yourself because the devil can come in different shades.

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