Daily Quotes

Thank God for everything

No matter how bad your life may seem, there are millions of other people who have it ten times worse than you. So, thank God for all the blessings he has placed in your life.

I was always an ungrateful human, always comparing myself to others and questioning God why I’m not in a better position than others.

I hated the fact that I wasn’t living in a mansion or driving luxurious cars like my mates. My parents were from the middle class, and I always felt they were lazy for not being able to be like their rich mates.

I loathed my house most times and hated the fact that my mom will always come to pick me up with her old model car. I wanted what my friends had, and never for once appreciated the little my parents provided.

I was sometimes, angry about my existence, I am the only child of my parents, and they tried providing everything I ever wanted, but I was never satisfied with their efforts.

I wished to run away from home, and live in a better place, maybe I can run to some rich couples that might accept me to be their child, I had a lot of naughty thoughts.

Only an experience changed my mindset, I was walking back to school and decided to follow a shorter route to my house when I saw people living on earth but different worlds.

I saw a teenager like me that was wishing for a Benz that passed while trying to start his bicycle; then a child that was on foot, wished to ride the bicycle or even own it if it’s for a day. It was all funny until I saw a leaper that was wishing to walk again.

Listening to the leaper brought tears to my eyes, I was far better than him, and wasn’t still satisfied with what I have. I changed for the better, I learned that in every situation I should always thank God for everything.

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