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Leave when things aren’t working out, no matter how you try

It is better to leave toxic relationships than letting it swallow you.

You might have been trying your best to set things right, but it isn’t just working. Relationships that never meant to exist will surely crumb one day. At the time, you have to let go or unless you end up hurting yourself and looking too clingy.

I have seen people who never recovered from the damage relationships landed them. They lost their zeal to love and never dreamt of people loving them. Some became a shell of themselves and swore not to have anything to do with human beings.

Not letting go when it deems fit can cause a lot of harm to us. What matters is, in the end, that one person we feel like our world revolves around, will surely leave us one day. Then, we could feel broken. We shouldn’t be too clingy to people; they don’t determine us.

Love is beautiful and one of the marvelous things that ever existed. It turns to hate when people we love rejects us. It pains so much because rejection is a deliberate act. It is never a mistake.

Believe that one day, you will find someone who will be very scared of losing you and will do all it takes to make you happy.

Love shouldn’t be one-sided; it is two-tango. Be with someone who cherishes and will always understand, instead of someone who keeps pushing you away.    

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