Some people won’t care until you are dead

Death is an inevitable end. It comes when we least expect it.

One day we shall all go back to the maker and proclaim all our deeds in his presence.

Some people will never support you in life, especially some family members. They don’t seem to care about you when you are alive until they hear you have had your last breath.

There is once a family of six boys and a girl. Their father was late, leaving only the mother to take care of the children. She toiled day and night to feed, clothe, and see that they went to school.

These kids later became great people in life. They all followed their dreams and passion and made it.

They never cared to check on their root, where they came from. They lost contact with their mother. Years passed by, and she couldn’t cater for herself. She became sick out of hunger and starvation. All she could do is to search her heart if she has offended her children in any way.

She always sends her children letters, which were never replied. She died because of hunger and loneliness while her children were so luxurious that they could feed a state for weeks if they ever want to.

Months later, her burial was held. Her casket was made of gold. There was enough food and drinks for people that came for the funeral. The old house in which their mother lived in was renovated immediately to accommodate their affluent visitors.

Their mother died of starvation; they never cared until she was dead. Some family members will never until you are deceased.     

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