5 Life Lessons by Brilliant Authors

Reading has long been touted by many as the gateway to different worlds, an open door for the imagination, and a source of learning that can’t be topped. There are so many authors that can be quoted as nothing less than brilliant and their words ( Life Lessons ) seem to transcend time. Let’s take a look at 10 of those famous quotes now and look a little closer at what they mean.

Life Lessons from Brilliant authors

“In negotiation, he who cares the least wins.” – Tim Ferriss

This quote can reach into all sorts of negotiations and be used to make a great point. Let me give you an example. When you’re with a friend and you are so hungry you feel like eating your own fingers and your friend isn’t really all that hungry. When the two of you start to decide where to eat, the conversation will always be in your friend’s favor because she doesn’t really care if you eat right now or not. You suggest a place and she shakes her head. It is obvious that you will be the one to sacrifice your first choice. Your less hungry friend can hold out until you both agree on a place that she likes. Tim Ferriss made a great quote.

“If it’s a good review it will ruin my writing day, and if it’s a bad review, it will ruin my writing day. Either way, I intend to have a writing day.” – Joyce Carol Oates

There are more ways to look at this quote than just one. I’m going to give you my personal take on it. When I get a review that is good, I often put extra pressure on myself to make sure my next review is just as good.  If I get a bad review, I put extra pressure on myself to do better. Both reviews have essentially the same effect, more pressure to do well. Adding extra pressure to my writing day will make it uncomfortable and I will not be able to flow as I usually can. The writing will continue, but my thoughts will be drifting off to the performance aspect instead of simply emptying my brain.

“You will always find those who think they know what is your duty better than you know it. ” – Emerson

Quite simply put, there’s a know-it-all in everyone’s life. Don’t let them disturb your peace, you’ll always have people that think they know what’s best for everyone, in every situation.

“It is in times of great security that the spirit should be preparing itself to deal with difficult times. In the midst of peace, the soldier trains and prepares.” – Seneca

A beautiful and meaningful quote from Seneca! When times are good in your life, we hope to rest and float by, but is this the wisest thing we can do? Let’s take for example a person who has become gravely ill and they suddenly recover. It may be natural to think you have escaped the worst and you can enjoy your future without doing anything else, the battle is over. The wiser man would try to become as healthy as possible during this time so the next battle can be won as well.

“So much of power is not what you do, but what you do not do–the rash and foolish actions that you refrain from before they get you into trouble.” -Robert Greene, 48 Laws of Power

Robert Greene wrote a book about the power that was well worth reading, it gives pause to many things I had never thought of. In this quote, he is referring to being reserved until you have reached a good plan and thought things through. Reacting to a situation can lead to trouble and regret. Take the safe road of silence until you decide clearly what the best thing to do will be.


Reading has so much to offer in the form of entertainment, but some of the authors that we read are brilliant people. We can learn life lessons from them and follow their wisdom as they write for us. Having experience is so valuable, using somebody else’s experience is what the wisest people do. Keep reading, keep learning. 

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